an online photoproject with geolocation, started 6 years ago

Petition Arigona ZogajLatest digital cameras and most smartphones allowe to add geolocations to a photo. Exactly six years ago the Austrian photo association faktor started an open photoproject – called – to collect photos from all over the world, by photographers from all over the world.
Up to now there are 791 photos by 131 photographers. Everyone is invited to submit a photo, as long as it is taken by the submitter and the location is not online in yet. Submition is done without any registration.

When the project started in 2004 all was done manually, a static HTML-pages was created and newly submitted photos were added in several steps by the administrator. Some years later all the data was imported into a database using WordPress. From that moment on all pages were created automatically: display a page with all photographers or all countries, display a page with all photos of a specific country or photographer and so on. Just the visualization on a free map – showing the location of the photo – was missing.

In 2009 the softwaremodule OSM (OpenStreeMap WordPress plugin) was developed to publish geoinformation on and after some feedback from other WordPress users it was published as OpenSource Software on to be used by others as well. From May 2009 up to now there are 3.300 downloads of this software. Within the project it is used to mark all published photos/locations on a map and show to map to a submitted photo. Some others features of this software module are published on the projectsite.

The following statistics shows the views per week of

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Beside the onlinepart of the project a free Fotomobil-postcard with nine photos by Martin Krusche, Daniel Hermes, Vlado Franjevic, Natascha Auenhammer, Jörg Vogeltanz, Willem den Broeder, Seungwook Kim, Mehdi Khaled, Maximillian Pramatarov was printed in 2004.
Fotomobil postcard

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